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Read about the History of ACCCLB's Mission to protect the quality of life for the citizens and the habitat of the entire Chambers Lake Basin from proposed development plans that disregard the unique conditions of the area (the most recent activities are first):
  • Since 2010, ACCCLB has been watching and testifying about its concerns on the large DR Horton development (Trillium) next to LBA Park.  Read more...
  • Tuesday, Nov. 24th, 2009. City Council considered an Ordinance approving the Masterplan for Bentridge Village (on Boulevard Road adjacent to LBA park, Wilderness and Newcastle).  Read Staff Report (PDF 51 kb, 7 pages)

    Bentridge Village is a 72 acre site with a proposed 500 dwelling units

    Even though the hearings examiner recommends denial based on school concurrency issues it appears that staff is recommending approval.

    Besides the school issue raised by the Hearings Examiner, the site plan shows almost no stormwater capacity and the city is already facing dilemmas with several development projects that are stalled due to the current economic situation. And there is also the impact of added traffic from 500 new households on the Boulevard Road traffic system.
  • Meeting before the Hearings Examiner regarding Newman Park application Postponed until January 2010.   Agenda       Staff Report (18 pages,1.5 MB, PDF)

    Even though staff is recommending for denial, we MUST all show up and voice our concerns for the potential damage this subdivision could pose to us, our immediate neighbors, the environment and the City of Olympia as a whole if it is allowed to proceed.

    The staff recommendation is not the final word on the matter, it will carry significant weight, but a hearings examiner is a quasi judicial function and the developer will have representatives present to do the best job money can buy to persuade the hearings examiner to allow the project to proceed despite the recommendations of staff.

    As affected and concerned parties your concerns and observations will carry significant weight as well and that is why we need as many of you to show up as possible.

    Please read the staff report carefully.  Of particular interest are the Engineering findings (pages 5 through 7) and the summary (pages 13 through 17).  There are other findings and concerns in the report that are enlightening as well.

    Please plan on showing up Monday, we need your support and the future of your watershed depends on it.

  • Sept. 23rd, 2008:  Olympia City Council extended the moratorium on building in the Chambers Lake area (east of Wiggins) for another 6 months. See article in the Olympian.
  • Tuesday, March 11th, 2008, the Olympia City Council voted to release the west side of Wiggins road  from the  moratorium.
  • Dec. 11, 2007, the Olympia City Council decided to not remove Smith Lake properties from the development moratorium. This could have had a negative impact on Chambers Ditch and Chambers Creek flows.
    See what the City of Olympia had proposed.

    Thank you to all who attended this meeting, and/or and testified or submitted comments on this issue.   It's not over yet!

  • September 18, 2007, Olympia City Council Extended Building Ban in Chambers Lake Basin - Article in The Olympian newspaper.
    Thanks to all our neighbors who testified and/or submitted comments.
  • Oct. 3, 2006, Olympia City Council voted to continue moratorium 6 more months for more study.  Thanks to all who testified and/or submitted comments.
  • On Sept. 6, 2006, the City of Olympia Planning Staff presented possible options for dealing with drainage and flooding problems related to developments in the Chambers Lake area.

    To see description of the 3 main options, see public hearing notice.


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