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ACCCLB Mission: To protect the quality of life for the citizens and the habitat of the entire Chambers Lake Basin from proposed development plans that disregard the unique conditions of the area.

Picture of Chambers Lake in Olympia

Living in a Watershed

"A watershed is a region defined by the water as it flows across the land within a watershed. All flowing water drains to a common outlet, a pond, a lake , or the ocean.

Pristine forests and teeming rivers seemed inexhaustible to the early European Settlers. They harvested local water shed resources with little regard for the future. Ancient forests were cut, wetlands diked and drained, rivers dammed and rerouted as the population continued to grow.

The demands of rapid population growth are changing once healthy watersheds and diminishing the quality of life that defines the Pacific Northwest. We are beginning to understand that today’s resources belong to our descendents as well.

We need to protect our resources. We must recognize the value of healthy natural systems and willingly work together to insure that our watersheds can sustain many generations to come.

Water shed champions aren’t all Nobel prize winning scientists’ or industrial giants, they’re regular folks with plenty of energy and passion for the land and water where they live. No matter where you live, big cities, small towns or rural area, you have a stake in your watersheds health.

Do your part for watershed protection by getting involved."

These words are found on the wall at the new Aquarium in Seattle.  They are meaningful words ........ we need to stop our contamination of our streams and wetlands by overdevelopment and irresponsible handling of our storm water.

Please Attend Chambers Ditch Meeting - Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016, 7 pm.

Location:  Komachin Middle School at College Road and Mullen Drive.

It will be nice if we could have a good showing at this meeting as it is the one that we all are concerned about. Thank you in advance for making this meeting.

    Lou Geuthlein,
    ACCCLB President
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